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Grand Design

Grand Design by chicalookate
Grand Design, a photo by chicalookate on Flickr.

Last night’s creative endeavors included “Twin Peaks” and “Real Genius” along with a few others. Tomorrow will be spent printing out all the new stuff. That is my favorite part… seeing and holding it in my hands.


Ups and Downs

This past Sunday was Customer Appreciation Day at the Market. It was one of my best weeks yet. I got to talk to a lot of great people. I actually sold photos! I have weeks in a row where I don’t so it is reaffirming when I do sell. This time I actually had a repeat customer who brought friends! They were all very cute. Also Ann actually sold 2 of my Pirate Pendants. Woo hoo!

The down was that I wasn’t accepted at Shadow Fair. I was really hoping. It is a local show at a brewery. Arts, Crafts and Beer. *le sigh* I still have 2 shows I am waiting to hear on.

My birthday is this week and I am a little moody. It isn’t that I am sad about getting older, I actually love being in my 30s, but I am generally a little *eh* during my bday week. I did get to go see Henry Rollins on Saturday. For those 3 hours I was really happy. I wonder if he would get creeped out if I followed him around?

Recycled Stuff Sewing Notebooks

Twin Peaks Notebook