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Print Sale!


Went a little crazy with the number of prints I ordered for the last few shows I did, so in order to make some space in my craft room I am having a sale. Good in my Etsy shop until June 15, 2013. Just purchase one and tell me the one you want free in the note to seller. Easy peasy.


Mini Monsters and a Giveaway

Continuing on my Artists I love theme today. I went to John W Golden’s etsy shop to purchase one of his awesome prints. Somehow I managed to narrow it down to a few options when i saw these awesome guys starring at me from the computer screen.

FYI Monsters LOVE books. They tell me that reading is fundamental.

Mini Monsters Like to Read

Mini Monsters Like Vinyl

Are they hipsters? Probably not since they like Polka.

Since I have a soft spot for monsters I had to have them. The are a nice addition to the family.


In other news… I have offered a few of my items up for GingerMandy to give away on her blog. Check it out if you are interested.

Goodnight Moon

On a treasury making kick these days. I enjoy picking a theme and doing my best to find the perfect items to fill it up. It helps me when my muse is taking a break.

Here is my latest effort…

‘Goodnight Moon’ by chicalookate

Eerie Cemetery Prin…


Dark Goth Girl Art …




Night Train – 5 x 7…


Burning sky – Tree …


Late Night Symbiosi…






balloon. 12×12 fine…


starry tree…origi…


Crescent Moon Over …


Copper leaves under…


Fine Art Photograph…


Midnight Meeting 11…


NIGHT GOWN – Abstra…


GoodNight Full Moon…


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Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is next month and since people tell me I am difficult to buy for (which I completely deny) I decided to help make it easy on everyone and create a list to help make it easy for everyone. 🙂 There was still a lot left on my list so I may have to make a few more before the big day.

Ceramic Blueberry T…


Happy Cloud


hungarian rhapsody …


You Look Silly, Pap…


Libras are Balanced


Follow the Leader


Hiaku Leaves – enam…


My big carrot – Ori…


Library Ladies- Ope…


Sea Urchin Collecti…


Lush – 11×14 Print


THREE – Bliss Soy 1…


Zooguu Monster Plus…




Library Gal / print


Turquoise Blue Gent…


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Grab Bag Topics


The above is the photo I took of the prints from my Giveaway right before I handed them over to the USPS. Thanks again to everyone who took part. I really enjoyed seeing what people chose as their favorite image. Odd little fact is that only one graffiti photo was chosen, but when I do shows the majority of what sells is graffiti.

I am a sucker for charts and graphs, in fact I Love Charts is one of my favorite websites. I can spend hours on there. So, for my own amusement I created a graph of my shop views for the last 15 months.


Not sure what it means, but I think it looks cool. It will be interesting to see how it plays out over time.

As someone who spends a lot of time with a camera in her hands I have to admit I loathe taking product pictures. The lighting is all wrong, Moose gets in the way, so much time spent trying to get the right angle. That being said, I took a few pictures of my new photo notepads this Sunday while at Market and I am pretty happy with how they turned out. What do you think?

Keep Swiming notepad

Love Notepad

Now I have to work on a way to present the bowls and coasters and I will be good to go. Any thoughts?

Front Page

Yesterday I had the pleasant surprise of being on the front page of Etsy along with a selection of other book related items. (I am a sucker for book art.)

front page 12610

Here are the stats for the 30 or so minutes I was on the fp.

  • 860 item views
  • 17 item hearts
  • 12 new shop hearts
  • Average item looked at was 2
  • Average time spent in my shop was 38 seconds

M.I.C.E. @ the Market


Less than 2 weeks until the 2nd Annual Etsy @ the Market show. Over the next few days I will be posting some of the people who will be attending the show. I am really excited about the show and think it should be a great time.