Feelin' Crafty

Weekend Recap

Short by chicalookate
Short, a photo by chicalookate on Flickr.

Made it through the weekend. This was my first time vending at a Con and it wasn’t quite what I had hoped. I met a lot of cool people, got to see some fun costumes and sold a few things. There were some logistical issues at the Con that made me feel like that impacted things. There were a lot of grumpy people on Saturday due to park and line issues. As one person on FB commented that “Line Con was awesome! Even more lines than last year!”

Was it my best show? Not by far, but I did get some good responses which made me happy. I think one of the big differences is that at other shows I am often one of the only ones with geek friendly items and at the con it was Geek World so I had a lot of competition. The thing that I found most interesting is that I sold mainly magnets and very few prints. Given the responses in other venues I thought I would have sold a few more.

I try to go in to shows with reasonable expectations, but I did not make any where near to what I hopped. Nor did I win the Powerball which was disappointment. On the plus side it was not my worse show. Another positive is that I have a show in a couple weeks and I won’t have to make as much stuff for it as I feared.


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