Feelin' Crafty

Paper Heart

Paper Heart by chicalookate
Paper Heart, a photo by chicalookate on Flickr.

“I would always rather be happy than dignified.”
― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

People are always telling me that they would love to make things, but that they just aren’t creative. And it really irks me. Yes, some people are born having an abundance of creativity, but for the rest of us it is something we have to work on. And we don’t like to work anymore than we have to. Fears and self-doubt keep us from starting. If we do make it past the starting line we often stop before we finish because it isn’t turning out the way we expect it to or it isn’t as easy as we hoped. This is where a friend accused me of going all “Artist’s Way” on her. Most of us have an idea of the finished product in our heads and that is where we go wrong. What happened to enjoying the steps along the way? Learn to embrace the mistakes and the messes… get your hands dirty. I have found that once you start moving the ideas flow faster and freer than before.

Back when I first started Chicaloo I was making jewelry and one of the things I found fascinating is that the pieces I was unhappy with were the ones people bought first. This showed me that we are the worst judges of our own work. It encouraged me to finish a piece before I decided it wasn’t good enough. As the years have progressed I have tried to apply the same thinking to new projects.

I will probably post more on this in the coming days because it is something I feel strong about, but I wanted to get these preliminary thoughts out now. Plus the other post I wanted to write on gratitude was missing something and needs a few tweaks.

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