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Roots by chicalookate
Roots, a photo by chicalookate on Flickr.

The last few months, okay the last year, I have felt a bit out of sorts. Struggling to find my direction and purpose. Certain areas of my life were amazing and others seemed to be crashing to earth at a rapid pace. It has been hard to balance the two. Slowly learning to say no to things I know deep in my soul won’t be good for me or my mental state. This is a big improvement for me.. a few years ago I let so much get to me that I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It is never a good sign if you are sitting in a chair and vibrating for no good reason. I had to learn to put myself first, I like to refer to it as my Airplane Oxygen Mask moment.

There has also been a lot of learning to balance the social and business side of my life. So many weekends have been spent at shows and so many nights have been spent preparing for said shows. I feel like I have missed out on on the personal front. It isn’t easy because I am really an introvert at heart. The business side of interacting with people is easy once you learn to not take everything personally. It is the journey to that place that is tough. I am not normally one to share how difficult things can be for me, but I am now to a place where I can pause and reflect. My goal this year was to “Take Less Crap” in 2012. And for the most part I have, the key will be to take less crap from myself.


One response

  1. sloeginfizz

    Hip hip hooray!! Well said, Kate. xoxo, your fellow introvert.

    May 21, 2012 at 5:29 pm

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