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Falling Behind

Well, I have been pretty good about taking the pictures for my 365 challenge, but not so good about uploading them. And with several big shows coming up I can’t see that changing much. Since my throngs of readers are anxiously awaiting the next photo I will try and do better. Okay, throngs might be a slight exaggeration, but it sounded good.

Day 11

Ivy and Rain

Day 12


Day 13



Day 10 Options

Normally I don’t do too much in the way of editing my photos. I am usually just to lazy to figure out what I want them to look like. And I know that it is easy to overdo on the editing. Every once in awhile I like to play around on picnik and see what I can come up with.

Here is the original…


Here is Lomo style


Here is 60s style


And here is Orton style


I have to say that I like them all. Each process adds something a little different to the photo. Which of the one do you like best?

Days 8 and 9

A little technical difficulty uploading photos. Hopefully I have taken care of it.

Day 8

Day 9

Not so fresh as a daisy

Well Loved Day 7

This was my first stuffed animal. Not sure who gave it to me, but it was a gift given around the time of my birth so I can’t really be expected to remember.

Well Loved

I don’t believe I ever gave him a name. Actually, I don’t think I named any of my stuffed animals. All I do know is that this particular stuffie survived where other childhood toys succumbed to the jaws of puppies and the machinations of a younger brother who liked scissors.

Days 5 and 6

Didn’t get around to uploading my photo yesterday. Not quite sure where the time went. Probably where my pens and socks go.

Day 5


Day 6

Virgin Mary

Day 4

Today’s picture is from Downtown Home and Garden in Ann Arbor. I wish I had a place for these chairs, but my apartment doesn’t have a patio.

Side by Side

Day 3

Spent most of the day running around getting my car fixed, dropping items off at Yellow Door, taking a nap I almost didn’t get to take my photo. That would have been very sad if I had failed after only 2 days. I would hope to at least make it a week.

This is another picture taken with my phone.

Happy Flowers

I was at the store and saw these bouquets. they just made me happy.