Feelin' Crafty



Though you can’t tell it by the temperature or by the fact that I had to scrap frost off my car this morning it is Springtime in Michigan. I am someone who believes you should only complain about one season and for me it is Summer that does me in. (I am a delicate flower when it comes to hot weather.) But this year it has been a long hard winter and it about did me in. So imagine my joy when I drove by the small lake by my apartment yesterday and saw that it was ice free. Just last week there were ice shanties and snow mobiles. The water was this beautiful deep blue that moved me. It was great to see ducks, swan and geese bobbing on the water.

The transition from Winter to Spring is often long and trying. I am anxious for it warm up a little so I can get out and take photos without fear of falling. Besides being a delicate flower I also struggle with balance. Not a graceful swan by any means. Generally if there is a patch of icy anywhere near where I am walking I will slip on it. Just one of the perks of being me.

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