Feelin' Crafty



Well, the rain has stopped for the moment and I think I can put the Ark back in to storage for now. Which is good because my cute rain boots have holes in the heel and my feet were getting wet. Of course snow is predicted for later, so I should get out the shovel… well, if I had a shovel. This is the frustrating thing about March in Michigan, you can have all 4 seasons in about 48 hrs. This hasn’t helped my grumpy mood much.

I have been entertaining myself by going through my Amazon wishlists. I really really want some new art books. Do I need them? No, which is probably why they are sitting in the cart and not on being shipped as I type. Instead I made a loan on kiva I was lucky enough to find an artist to help out. Usually those go really fast, in fact this particular loan only has $25 more left to be completed. I can’t afford much, but $25 to help someone improve their life is a small thing on my part.

Tonight I am going to walk away from the computer and try and be crafty. I have some new quotes magnets to work on which should motivate me. I am also thinking of making them in to notepads. Cause I need more things to make.


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