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Though you can’t tell it by the temperature or by the fact that I had to scrap frost off my car this morning it is Springtime in Michigan. I am someone who believes you should only complain about one season and for me it is Summer that does me in. (I am a delicate flower when it comes to hot weather.) But this year it has been a long hard winter and it about did me in. So imagine my joy when I drove by the small lake by my apartment yesterday and saw that it was ice free. Just last week there were ice shanties and snow mobiles. The water was this beautiful deep blue that moved me. It was great to see ducks, swan and geese bobbing on the water.

The transition from Winter to Spring is often long and trying. I am anxious for it warm up a little so I can get out and take photos without fear of falling. Besides being a delicate flower I also struggle with balance. Not a graceful swan by any means. Generally if there is a patch of icy anywhere near where I am walking I will slip on it. Just one of the perks of being me.


Magnet Giveaway


Blame it on spring fever, but I just realized I forgot to post my Magnet Giveaway here on the blog. Just head over to my Facebook page and tell me which of my new quote magnets you like best and you could win 3 magnets from the new line. Added bonus? You get to choose which ones you win. Pretty fancy, eh? You have until 6 pm tonight.

Picture 003

Picture 002



Well, the rain has stopped for the moment and I think I can put the Ark back in to storage for now. Which is good because my cute rain boots have holes in the heel and my feet were getting wet. Of course snow is predicted for later, so I should get out the shovel… well, if I had a shovel. This is the frustrating thing about March in Michigan, you can have all 4 seasons in about 48 hrs. This hasn’t helped my grumpy mood much.

I have been entertaining myself by going through my Amazon wishlists. I really really want some new art books. Do I need them? No, which is probably why they are sitting in the cart and not on being shipped as I type. Instead I made a loan on kiva I was lucky enough to find an artist to help out. Usually those go really fast, in fact this particular loan only has $25 more left to be completed. I can’t afford much, but $25 to help someone improve their life is a small thing on my part.

Tonight I am going to walk away from the computer and try and be crafty. I have some new quotes magnets to work on which should motivate me. I am also thinking of making them in to notepads. Cause I need more things to make.



“I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand.” -Charles Schultz

Way back in the day the majority of the photos I was taking were in cemeteries. While I continue to be fascinated by the way we remember the dead I have branched out in my subject matter, except for one area. I remember someone commenting on one of my headstone photos asking why I didn’t take pictures of the living. (Never mind that I read it as “why don’t you take pictures FOR a living”.) The truth is I don’t like people enough to want to take pictures of them. This surprises some people since I am around people a lot. 20+ years of working customer service is enough to make anyone a little jaded and tired.  People as a photographic subject requires that you get around their insecurities enough to get the photo that is in your head. I don’t have that sort of patience. Heck, I don’t like having MY photo taken. In fact most of my most recent ones have me with a camera in front of my face.


As someone who puts their art out in to the world I find it funny how often people tell me how to do it. “Oh, you should take pictures of X.” Thanks, but I don’t want to take pictures of that. Yes, I know I could sell more if I did, but it doesn’t interest me, appreciate the thought though. It goes on and on. I don’t go to your job and say, “You know, if you changed the order you did this in you would save time.” It is nice that you want to make me more money, but I have to enjoy what I am making more than the financial benefits of the making.

Okay, this post is a little grumpier than I wanted it to be, I really need Spring to get here so I can be outside and clear my head.

Slightly Obsessed

So, as with any new crafty project I jump in feet first and immerse myself to the exclusion of most other things. My new obsession is the quote magnets.

Here are some of the latest bunch…





Now I am looking for new quotes to use. Do you have any favorites? If I end up using your quote I will send you a sample.  How is that for exciting? 🙂

I can breathe again!

Nearly 2 months of being sick are almost over. *knock on wood* I have actually been able to make it in to the craft room to work on some new projects. The first of which is a some new magnets. I have collected quotes for a long time and now I am ready to finally find a use for them. I am really having fun picking quotes that I think will be fun in magnet form.

John Lennon

e.e. cummings quote

Mae West


I am also planning on making some of these in to button form.


A couple of odds and ends …

A few weeks ago Crystal from Flint Handmade came and interviewed me and took pictures of my workspace. The giveaway is over, but you can  go over to their blog see my awesomely organized craft room!


Also if you are in the Berkley, MI area on March 5th you can stop by Yellow Door Market for their Art Fair Fever event. Many of the artists (including me) will be offering 15% off all their items. There will also be giving free stuff away with purchases of $30 or more.