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Craft Supply Swap

This past Saturday I took part in the first craft supply swap at Blue House. It was a great way to get rid of some of the supplies I wasn’t using any more and pick up some that would be new to me and hopefully jump start the crafty again.  And it is also nice to know that what I brought will be used by other crafty types and not just going in the recycle bin.

In light of my crafty reorg I did not take ALL of the bingo cards that were available. I left a good amount for others.


These old game cards are so much fun. The best find for me was some PIT cards. We used to play that game at my Grandma K’s house. Who knew commodities trading could be fun.

Would you like to play a game

And some old architecture plans that I think will be fun for collages.



And for next Christmas

Santa and Frosty


Inspiration Wall

I do best with lots of color around me, but because I live in an apartment I am stuck with white walls. So I have to put color in some other way. One of the things I love about my new crafty space is my new Inspiration Wall. Over the years I have collected a ton of little images and art pieces, cards and quotes. I purchased a magnetic dry erase board and started throwing up some of the pieces I loved most. (I could probably have a couple more of these and still have stuff I still want up on the wall.)

Inspiration Board

Inspiration Board

The “cult” sign is from my job at a video store and the “Handmade by Theresa” labels are from my grandma.

Inspiration Board

The “Be Nice” sign used to hang on the register of a bookstore where I worked. The lady with the big hair is hilarious, even more so because I know that inside it says “Nancy always had big ankles, but no one noticed.”

Inspiration Board

Inspiration Board

Inspiration Wall

Each time I look at this I get a little giddy.


For the last month I have been sick with the Plague. Okay, so it isn’t really the plague, but it feels like it. I get Bronchitis each year for almost a month. I cough and cough until I think I am going to break a rib. It has been frustrating because I had so much lined up craftywise. Thanks to Verlaine I have been able to get half of my apartment put together, which is more than I have had in the year and half I have lived there. The Craft Room, living room and kitchen are all done. Left to do is the dining room, bedroom and laundry room. It is such a good feeling to be able to sit and watch a movie and not have to move something to sit down.

On the crafty side I got some Moo Cards in the mail a few weeks ago, but hadn’t had a chance to share them.

Moo Cards

Moo Card

These make me so happy!