Feelin' Crafty

Much Cuteness

Still in the middle of the Great Reorganization Project of 2011. Saturday, Verlaine came over and we spent over 7 hours breaking apart the craft room and the craft closets. Yes, that is closets as in plural as in 2, plus a third in the craft room itself. I think I am about 80% done. A little more each night and I hope to be done in time for the weekend.

Since I have nothing crafty to post I thought I would put up a few post of some of my crafty purchases over the last few months. I am going to start with this pendant I bought from Mark Poulin.

Mark Poulin

I am not normally one to worry overly about my astrological sign, but I loved that the title of the piece was “Libras Are Balanced” That has been something I have been striving for over the last year. This has been in my favorites for ages, probably from 2007 when he joined Etsy. As a treat to myself I decided to finally buy it. Loved it. And in typical Kate fashion I lost it Christmas Eve. No idea where it went. I even retraced my steps trying to find it. No luck. I ordered a replacement that came this weekend. It came with a message for me.

I will try not to

And a super cute box…


Today it is securely around my neck and I am checking it every few minutes to make sure it is still there. It makes me very very happy.


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