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Mini Monsters and a Giveaway

Continuing on my Artists I love theme today. I went to John W Golden’s etsy shop to purchase one of his awesome prints. Somehow I managed to narrow it down to a few options when i saw these awesome guys starring at me from the computer screen.

FYI Monsters LOVE books. They tell me that reading is fundamental.

Mini Monsters Like to Read

Mini Monsters Like Vinyl

Are they hipsters? Probably not since they like Polka.

Since I have a soft spot for monsters I had to have them. The are a nice addition to the family.


In other news… I have offered a few of my items up for GingerMandy to give away on her blog. Check it out if you are interested.


Much Cuteness

Still in the middle of the Great Reorganization Project of 2011. Saturday, Verlaine came over and we spent over 7 hours breaking apart the craft room and the craft closets. Yes, that is closets as in plural as in 2, plus a third in the craft room itself. I think I am about 80% done. A little more each night and I hope to be done in time for the weekend.

Since I have nothing crafty to post I thought I would put up a few post of some of my crafty purchases over the last few months. I am going to start with this pendant I bought from Mark Poulin.

Mark Poulin

I am not normally one to worry overly about my astrological sign, but I loved that the title of the piece was “Libras Are Balanced” That has been something I have been striving for over the last year. This has been in my favorites for ages, probably from 2007 when he joined Etsy. As a treat to myself I decided to finally buy it. Loved it. And in typical Kate fashion I lost it Christmas Eve. No idea where it went. I even retraced my steps trying to find it. No luck. I ordered a replacement that came this weekend. It came with a message for me.

I will try not to

And a super cute box…


Today it is securely around my neck and I am checking it every few minutes to make sure it is still there. It makes me very very happy.


Long arms

All of these photos were taken on my lunch hour yesterday in one alley near where I work.




Someone isn’t very happy with a local mural.

flowers and drips

A little help


The sun was shining for a good part of the weekend and I wanted to get out and take some photos, but I really needed to start the Great Reorginization Project of 2011. Not surprisingly I tend to be easily distracted when I am cleaning up the apartment. It’s all “oh, I haven’t heard this cd in awhile” or “Maybe I will just knit a few rows”. Over the crazy holiday show season I let the place go and had taken to joking that I was just waiting for Hoarders to show up. It wasn’t that bad, but I certainly didn’t want people over to see the place. And if they had come over they wouldn’t have any places to sit. I had managed to get a bit of the living room put together so the couches were clear, but so much more was needed. This weekend I tackled the hundreds and hundreds of albums I use to make bowls, clocks and notebooks. Luckily my friend Verlaine was willing to come over and help get them in order. At the moment I have three 4 ft tables and the kitchen table covered in stacks of records. A-Z, classical, kids, compilations/soundtracks. Tonight I am going to start putting them in milk crates. I might just need a few more crates and we will be set. It will be a relief to have them in order, not to mention easier.

Next on the list is pulling everything out of the craft room and craft closets so I can put it all in order.

Artistic Exploration


I love markers and paints. I love the idea of what they can create… the problem is that I am not very good at drawing. Part of that comes from the fact that I grew up in an economically depressed area and art classes were one of the first things cancelled. And at the time I wasn’t interested enough to learn on my own. Now it is things like fear and a crazy schedule thing that keeps me from trying. I am hoping to change that this year. Like last year’s collage challenge I just want to have fun and push my comfort level as much as I am able. They may just be doodles, but they are more than I used to doing.


Add a little color….


My hands really didn’t want any part of it. They tend to hesitate and not want any part in what I am doing. I am going to work a bit on this and still do the collage stuff. My goal is that January is going to be my annual crafty play time.

Tonight is the night


The night for what?


A few more photos from Detroit and Tawas.




Left Behind

Ready for my close up

Wasp Totem