Feelin' Crafty

Yellow Door Art Market

Things are starting to pick up speed here in Chicaloo Land. I must be a bit nuts because I have signed up for 7 holiday shows from Nov. 13th-Dec. 18th. Today I took my stuff by Yellow Door and set up my display.  I am really excited about this new venture. The place looks amazing and it isn’t even fully set up yet.  Now I just have to replace the stock I put in my display. Need minions STAT!

Here is my space before…

Verlaine striking a pose

Verlaine hard at work helping put together a table…

Verlaine hard at work

Finished Display…

My Display

My Display

My Display

Here are some of my fellow Yellow Door artists…

Bit o Whimsey

Love this little guy..

Like My Mustache?





One response

  1. I’ve been so curious to see how it’s progressing over there — looks great! Thanks for the post!

    October 25, 2010 at 1:03 pm

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