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Yellow Door Art Market

Things are starting to pick up speed here in Chicaloo Land. I must be a bit nuts because I have signed up for 7 holiday shows from Nov. 13th-Dec. 18th. Today I took my stuff by Yellow Door and set up my display.  I am really excited about this new venture. The place looks amazing and it isn’t even fully set up yet.  Now I just have to replace the stock I put in my display. Need minions STAT!

Here is my space before…

Verlaine striking a pose

Verlaine hard at work helping put together a table…

Verlaine hard at work

Finished Display…

My Display

My Display

My Display

Here are some of my fellow Yellow Door artists…

Bit o Whimsey

Love this little guy..

Like My Mustache?





At Night


Here is the same photo in Black and White


A couple night shots of rides.

Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights 2

Work through it

So, I have had what I not so affectionately refer to as the Plague. The last week has been about tissue and cold medicine. But there is only so much I can sit on the couch before I go a bit nuts.  Heck, I can’t even make it through a movie without feeling antsy.  I really need to get a lot of stuff made so I can go set up my space at Yellow Door.  I can cross off  pocket mirrors, magnets, bowls and clocks off the list. What is left? Album Cover Notebooks, Coasters and Photo notepads. Possibly note cards and prints too. I have to find the right balance of stuff for the space. Tonight I get to go shopping for display options. Woo hoo.

Here are the new additions to my line up… clocks made out of old 45s…

45 Clocks

Moose on quality control….

Quality Control

I got 12 of these done last night, along with 8 of the full size lp clocks finished. I haven’t decided how many I am taking to Yellow Door and how many I am taking to Market this Sunday. So many decisions…..

Worse Things

There are worse things