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Tuesday night I gave my talk about the Craft Show Scene at Blue House. The turnout was light, but the conversation was amazing. It is such a great feeling to find a connection with other crafters. One of the things we discussed is the difference between the old and new guard in the craft show world. That those new to the scene seem to be more suited to sharing their knowledge and banding together to help each other. With some of the old guard it seems to be more isolated. Not that you need to give away your trade secrets, but having a strong craft community helps us all. That is why I love living in an area where places like Blue House and groups like Flint Handmade and Handmade Detroit exist. Whenever people try and talk down the Mitten State I use these as an example of Michiganders changing the state on a local level. Yes, the state has economic problems, but people are still out there supporting local artists. Which to me that means that there is hope.


One response

  1. so sad i missed your talk, kate! i’m sure it was wonderful!

    October 6, 2010 at 9:34 pm

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