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Pre Art Fair To Do List

This was this list I wrote last week to try and keep me on track for Art Fair. At first it seemed as if I wasn’t making a lot of progress. I tend to do things like the notebooks in steps, so I didn’t cross anything off the list until last night. Here is what I have gotten accomplished so far

  • Coasters 28 sets (22 sets to go)
  • 4×6 photos 40 matted, 60 on mats waiting for backboards and bags
  • 5×7 31 matted, 10 waiting for boards and backs, 9 more need everything
  • 13 bowls, 17 needed
  • Photo Notepads, 28 ready to be punched and bound, 22 need everything
  • Library Card Notepads, all laminated and ready to be attached to the notepads.
  • Clocks DONE!!!!
  • Mirrors DONE!!!!

The one thing I haven’t started is the album notebooks yet, but that is my goal for the Saturday.  Feeling pretty confident that I can finish everything. And I might even have a chance to clean my apartment. *knock on wood*


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