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Love ya

Just fyi…


Here is the flyer for an upcoming show I helped organized. It was designed by the Super Cool (she deserves caps) Marcy.

art in the park

It seems I am becoming the go to girl for getting local artists for different events. It is something I enjoy, I just wish finding venues was as easy. 🙂


Making a list

This weekend I tried something a little different and when I wrote my To Do List I actually put numbers next to the items so I had goals to work for.

Start of the Day

First done on the list was some new little photo notepads…

photo notepads

Then I made few of my new 3 ring binder notebooks. I am really having fun with these.

Recycled stuff notebooks

Third on the list was my library card notebooks. I wanted to make more, but I ran out of the binding tape.

Library Card Notepads

Next was matted photos.

Matted photos

Finally I made some clocks. Again I need to order parts in order to make more.


Final list for the day…

End of the day

Overall this is the most productive I have been in months. I think having number goals to work towards.


Over the last few months I have struggled to get back in the craft room or out taking photos. I am so tired all the time. I have been talking to my Doctor to figure out what might be wrong. It is very frustrating because I am usually on the go a lot and do not like being able to do normal activities without needing a nap. That being said I have worked on a few new items.

New Coasters

New Notebooks

Market has started up so I need to kick up my production. And scarier still Art Fair is less than 2 months away. Yowza! Any one want to come help me make some notebooks?  And I need to order more coaster and clock supplies. Oh and I need paper. Lots and lots of paper.

And a nap.