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No Worries

2 years ago my sister Emily went to Tanzania as part of the Global Routes community service program to help build a school. This summer my sister Julia will be going to Nepal with the same organization. She is not sure what she will be building, it could be a school or a clinic. In order to help her raise money for building supplies and equipment I am selling some of her photos.

This was taken on her recent trip to Ireland with the Flint Youth Symphony. (I can’t begin to say how jealous I am of how much they have been able to travel.)

No Worries

I will be adding a couple other photos in the coming days. I will also be working on magnets and coasters to the shop.
Here is her letter explaining the trip…

Dear Family and Friends,

I am very excited about my upcoming summer travel plans. I will be traveling to Nepal where I will be participating in community service projects to benefit local communities.

The exact nature of the project has not yet been decided by my group, but I can give you a sense of the kind of work I will be doing.

First, my group and I will be hiking through the Himalayan Mountains for about 10 days and visiting rural villages along the way.

Then, we will be staying in one of these villages for about three weeks. Past groups participated in the construction of a community center, a library, a medical facility, and other important projects.

When I am not working on this primary project, I will have the opportunity to get involved in the community in many different ways such as teaching English and coaching sports.

As you can see, a lot of exciting and challenging ventures lie ahead for me. I am very excited about working on these projects and am already starting to prepare.

Before I go, I am trying to do as much fundraising as possible. The money that I raise will help pay for building materials, pay local carpenters who will teach us necessary skills, buy books for the school where we will teach, etc.

None of the donated money I raise will be used to fund my travel – Thanks Mom and Dad.

Donated funds will also be used to buy toys, sporting equipment, books and supplies for the community center and school.

So with all of this in mind, I am asking you to help by making a fully tax-deductible donation. This is a rare opportunity to contribute directly to a service project where you will see the results of your gifts through my pictures and letters. One hundred percent of your contributions will go directly to these projects where my group will have the opportunity to oversee the projects through to their completion.

Even a small donation of ten or fifteen dollars can make a significant difference in the lives of the Nepalese people and would be greatly appreciated.

As the people of Nepal would say… “Dhanybhad.” (Thank you very much).

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