Feelin' Crafty

Reflections on a past entry

Graffiti Shadow and Light

A while back I wrote a post on both my love of graffiti and lament of the lame graffiti around Ann Arbor. I am surprised at the number of views and responses the post has given. Some of them have been mean others have been funny… such as the one calling me a hipster. (Which for those who know me is hilarious.) My argument is many of the graffiti artists in my area are the hipsters, they just want to mark as many surfaces in the 3 block radius where they travel. They don’t put any time or effort in to their tag. Most of the responses said that if I like colorful graffiti I don’t really like graffiti, which I take exception to. If you look at some of the most accomplished taggers their work is full of color. They took pride in their execution… their tag is their calling card, so go big or go home. Yes, graffiti is illegal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t admire the work that goes in to it.

My post was not a treatise on graffiti and it’s social implications. It was on my personal preferences and the lameness of some the local graffiti. I was being silly, obviously that didn’t come across. Lighten up people.

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