Feelin' Crafty

Don’t go into the light

Don't go into the light

I have been struggling the last few weeks with finding my crafty mojo again. You can probably tell by my lack of blog posts that I haven’t been winning the battle. For years I have worked around 60+ hours a week which meant that any craftiness had to fit in my schedule. It actually worked well because I was forced to get stuff done. Now that I am down to 40 hours a week and have evenings and weekends free I find it is harder to get myself in to the craft room. I tend to be an all or nothing sort of girl.

Ideas are floating around in my head, but nothing that kicks my energy into high gear. Not quite sure what it will take, but I hope something clicks soon because I have a couple shows coming up. And Market starts in the not too distant future. Anyone have any tips or tricks to getting over a lack of creative mojo?


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  1. Ugh…part of the reason why I can never commit to craft shows or anything planned in advance is because my mojo comes and goes as it very well pleases and anything I might produce without it is…er um *blows raspberry* (Get the picture?) So, I’ve taken to riding the wave and I work like a freak when she’s here and when she leaves…after a few Don Music like days, I just give in and eat hummus.

    February 24, 2010 at 12:33 am

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