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Saturday I went with my friend Gary to Detroit to see the Ice House and take some pictures. Unfortunately by the time we got there the house was not so icy. Just up the street we saw a house that was wide open… windows smashed and the door might have been gone. The whole house had been emptied, not even a sink remained. The next house we went in to looked as if people had been squatting there. There was some furniture and coats. And for some reason lots and lots of crates that 2 Liter pop bottles are kept in at the grocery store.

Our next stop was the old Brewer’s Recreation Center


Again, the windows were all smashed and the place was completely open. One of the craziest finds was the pool. Either they hadn’t drained the water or it had filled up from rain running in because it was frozen solid.

Frozen pool

The other thing that intrigued me the most was the ceramics room. It was filled with molds. A lot of molds.


This room was also interesting. The tile and the glass crunching underfoot. I kept feeling like the whole thing was going to fall apart.


It Happen Detroit


One response

  1. wow – amazing pics….beauty in the forgotten…too bad they were so forgotten though

    February 16, 2010 at 7:26 am

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