Feelin' Crafty

Back in the game

Yesterday I mentioned that I would have some new collages to share. This first one was the one I got stuck on. I am not really happy with it, but I don’t think it does me much good to only post the ones I like. If that were the case I would only have a handful to show.


The background is a sewing pattern that a package I received came wrapped in.  I think that is my favorite part. The postcard in the corner isn’t attached because I am not sure if it is going to stay or not. I might switch it with something else.

Kiss Me Again Redux

The “Kiss Me Again” part of this collage was done for another collage challenge I started a while back and then promptly forgot. I decided I wanted to make it bigger.

This has been a bit harder than when I started. One reason is I am really tired. I think after so many years of working tons of hours I am just exhausted. Also, my supplies aren’t what I want. I would love to buy more paper and embellishments, but that will have to wait awhile. On a positive note I have almost a month of blog posts in. That is something to be proud of.


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