Feelin' Crafty

Music to craft by

These days I almost always have music playing while I craft.  Before I had a dedicated craft room I usually “watched” movies while I worked. The type of music I choose depends on the style of crafting for the day. If I am wanting to do creative crafting I tend to like to listen to whole albums than take the mixed tape approach because of the continuity factor.  I choose artists like Lanterna or Loreena Mckennit I can put on the cd and create until the end… or if I hit repeat I can often create longer. I want lush music where if there are vocal tracks they don’t distract me from what I am doing. I am totally a “oh something shiny” kind of girl.

Now, if I am doing product work such as binding notebooks or matting photos I can listen to almost anything.  But because I usually need a jolt of energy I usually put in some motown, high energy swing music or something poppy from the 80s.  The goal of this music is to keep my energy level up until I have completed whatever task I have set for myself.

What music do you find helps your creativity levels?


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