Feelin' Crafty

Why is it…

Why is it that when you decide you want to organize the state of whatever you are organizing gets so much worse? I am making some progress in my craft room, but not as much as I had hoped.

One of the first things I had to do was get some art on the wall. I have all these amazing prints from other Etsy sellers, but I hadn’t done anything with them until now.

Wall of fun

Rob O Paintings

robot and bears

This is only the tip of the pile. If you go to the pictures on my flickr page I have the shop names of the art. I will probably link them here at some point, but just not tonight. 🙂

Here was the other progress in the Pit of Despair….

Getting better

Color coordinated boxes… with labels! I know, I probably should have had you sit down. I will be spending a little more time working tomorrow, but I also want to get back to the crafty which I haven’t really felt up to the last few days. Maybe it is just that it has been so friggin’ gray here the last few days.


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