Feelin' Crafty

Red it is

I must admit that Winter is not my favorite season. I am a Spring or Fall girl, give me color and variety. Winter in Michigan tends to the white and gray. And the white and gray become dirty very quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautiful snow-covered tree or an amazing icicle formation, but I need a little more variety as a general rule. For that reason I find myself taking pictures of any hint of color in nature, especially red.


Winter Harvest

Normally the Photo of the Day would be just that, a  photo, but I couldn’t decide between these two. And since it is my blog I decided I could have a Photo(s) of the Day post if I wanted.

I am still getting used to my new camera. I hope to get out some this weekend a play around a bit.  My other problem with winter in the mitten state is that it gets dark so early, that I often don’t have the right light for photos I want to take.  Hopefully by the longer Spring days I will be at one with my camera and be taking lots of fun new photos.


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