Feelin' Crafty

3 is a magic number

This weekend was a creative bust for me. One of the lessons I need to learn is when to push through and when to walk away from awhile.  I had all the pieces spread out in front of me, but couldn’t make them gel. I  shuffled and shuffled, but wasn’t feeling the love. So, I went and read instead. Last night when I stepped up to my work table I felt better. I didn’t immediately go back to the collage I worked on over the weekend, but moved forward to this….


I have a notebook full of words and phrases cut out of magazines. I love them, but I rarely find a chance to use them. The backing paper I used is from an old encyclopedia which included the word collage, but I covered it up accidentally.

Then I returned to the piece I was working on over the weekend.

Just cause you're paranoid

Still not great, but I am happier with this result than I would have been if I had forced myself to finish earlier.

Finally, it is cold and snowy here. Which means there isn’t much color to be found so I chose a flower theme for my last piece of the night.

In bloom

If I had more time last night I might have made a fourth collage, but alas I did not. Of course, just because I didn’t physically make another collage it didn’t stop my brain from working on the next one.


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