Feelin' Crafty

Polka Dots and an anniversary

Michigan winters can be very gray and depressing. This is one of the reasons this photo makes me happy. It is bright and colorful. And polka dots! Polka dots make me feel all silly.  That is why I chose this as my Photo of the Day.

Colorful dots

Jan 9th was my 4 year anniversary on Etsy. A lot has happened in that time. I have made some really great friends and tried a lot of new things. I have helped organize several craft shows and managed not to go too crazy in the process. I have sent photos to Australia, Denmark and France. I love knowing that my art is out on other continents. In that time I have sold almost 800 items which still shocks me when I think about it. I am excited to see what the next 4 years will bring.


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