Feelin' Crafty

2 for 1

Snow fell fast and furious yesterday so I spent the evening working on 2 Scrafting pieces. I loved glancing up little bit to see huge flakes fall. All I was missing was a cup of tea to make it perfect.

This first piece was worked on over 2 days… something was missing. I added a few more stamps and more circles. I think every crafter around has the circle punch. It is pretty handy. When in doubt add a circle.

Circles and stamps

This second piece started with the Blue Note logo. And like yesterday’s green theme I decided to go blue. Also, I save the album inserts from the bowls and the notebooks so I was able to add the trumpets and Decca label

Blue Notes

I think I have already passed last years crafty goal. This was the right challenge for 2010.  *knock on wood*


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