Feelin' Crafty

It’s not easy being green

Hello! I must say that I am really enjoying this crafting challenge I have set myself. Last night I worked on not one, but TWO pieces. Of course, I left the thumb drive holding the file of the second project at homesitting on the counter along with my lunch. Fear not my lovely readers, I do have one of the images all ready to show you.

Last night I started with going through my scrap bins looking for something that would jump out at me and say “Me Me ME!” What caught my eye last night was a couple pieces of green paper. With that I decided that I would do an all green piece.


Once the papers are picked out I move the papers around trying to figure out how each piece will be used. I do a rough layout, look at it for a minute and then mix it all up. Yesterday’s tree project actually started out as flowers. I didn’t like the look so I decided to turn one flower into a sun.

Sun detail

I broke up the other “flowers” and turned the petals in to trees. I was much happier with the the tree project than I would have been if I went ahead with the flowers. When I first finished the “green” piece I wasn’t thrilled with it. I walked away to let it dry before I scanned the photo so I could post it. When I returned to my craft room I decided that it had grown on me. I think that making myself finish a project I don’t think is going well will probably be the hardest part of this challenge.

Here is the end result for “Green”

Theme .... green

Not sure what tonight’s theme will be. Any suggestions?


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