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Cartonera Workshop

Here are some pictures from today’s workshop….

You start by making a stencil…

Stencil before cutting

Cutting of stencil

Stencil... G's are no fun

Some letters are easy to make, but the letters “s” and “g” are not so much.

First step


My sad little effort

I lacked the time to let my white coat dry so I wasn’t able to paint the way I wanted to. But I am looking forward to making more. I have lots and lots of papers and embellishments I could use.

Here are some finished examples….

Finished Product



This and That

Over the years I have had many many many jobs.  Both independent and big corporation. Me being me, I loved working for the independents best. My first job in Ann Arbor was at Liberty Street Video, I had transfered from a sister store up in Mt. Pleasant. I remember my coworkers in Mt. P. asking if I really wanted to go work at LSV, because the place was full of freaks. I loved it… and hated it, like most jobs. Some of the best work stories  I have were from the LSV years. I left the store for about 7 years, but went back after the bookstore I worked for closed.  We had ups and downs like any business, but things seemed to be on the right track, but just this Wed.  my boss told me that he is closing the store.  I am not looking forward to the “whys” and “whats” that people are going to ask. Or the way people are vultures when it comes to getting deals at a business that is dying. My first response is going to be “If you loved the store so much, why didn’t you rent here”.


On a more positive note I am taking a workshop on making notebooks in the “Cartonera” style this Monday. They are made out of found cardboard and paint. I hope to have something to show you next week and that this helps jump start my creative juices. I have been in a bit of a rut lately.