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Micetsy @ the Market

Okay, so I have been really busy lately and have neglected my blog.  In the words of  Inigo Montoya “Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” I survived the Art Fair and Kerrytown Bookfest. Moved to a new 2 bedroom apartment so I now have a room that I can devote solely to crafts. It isn’t organized yet, but hopefully in the next couple months. I bought 800 records on craigslist for bowls and notebooks and need to organize them before I can put other things away. And as always I at the Sunday Artisan Market each week.

Here are some pictures I took to show how much I can fit in my Saturn Ion… actually there was room for more, but I was low on stock the days I took the pictures. (And to think I used to fit a card spinner rack in there.)

All Set up

Table 1

All set up

Table 2

Waiting to be loadedWaiting to be loaded

Waiting to be loadedWaiting to be loaded 2

Fully LoadedTrunk

Back Seat Side 2Back Seat Side 1

A little more room

Could fit a few more things here.

Lots of new projects in the works. Clocks, new notebooks and a few surprises. I promise to be better about updating the blog. Honest.



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