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Flint City Handmade Spring Craft Market


I will be outside weather permitting. If you are in the Flint area stop by and say hi.



Don't think

Over the last week I have been getting stock together to take to Birdsnest Boutique for consignment and for my show in E. Lansing on Saturday and Market on Sunday. Yikes! I have matted close to 100 photos and made about 30 bowls. Thursday night will be all about making notebooks of all sorts. I have a box of paper to bust in to for the album cover notebooks. I also have to make up some coasters and mirrors as well. This is what I get for procrastinating. Why couldn’t I have had some of this energy a month ago?

I also have a stack of laminated photos to trim up for my new notepads. I am loving how they turned out.  Let’s just hope other people love them as well. 🙂

Hydrangea Notepad

Church Door Kaleidoscope notepad

Because I need more inventory

Yesterday I promised notebook pictures and here they are….

Library Checkout Notepad

I love the dictionary background for this page. I probably should have flipped through for a page that had some personal meaning, but the odometer page it is.

Donut Depot Notepad

mmmmm donuts!

Impressive Wings Notepad

The only problem with making these notebooks is that I realized that so many of my photos are horizontal in nature and not vertical. I don’t think they would sell as well. Or is it just me? I could be just me. Maybe I should make a few up just to see if others feel the same way.



I survived the first week at the Artisan Market. It was cold and windy, but there were a lot of vendors there and a decent flow of traffic. We even got a great write up in the Ann Arbor Chronicle.  It really helped me get excited about crafting again.  I love seeing how customers react to my items and it is great getting instant feedback on new items. I won’t be at Market this coming week, but I will be able to get some more stuff ready.  I have some new mini notepads that use my photos. (I should have pictures to share tomorrow) I even have a new inventory system that I am implementing to keep track of what photos , coasters and notepads I am selling.  I wish I would have done this a year ago. 🙂