Feelin' Crafty

Facebook and Ninjas

In an effort to be all professional and stuff I decided to add a business page to my Facebook account. If you are on FB and feel like being a fan you can tell the world you love me. Not that I am begging or anything.

In other news I have cut a lot of new notebook covers. Now I just need to get moving and start counting pages out.  I have a few shows coming up and am working on having some items to take to a store I am going to do consignment at.  (Plus Market starts in a few weeks!) In the works are some new notebook ideas. Good thing this week is a pay week so I can buy some supplies and get started.  I am really excited. Like bouncy excited. Unfortunately I bounce from project to project. I have to do things in stages so as not to overwhelm myself.  Sad to say I am very easily distracted these days. I need someone to keep me on task. A Ninja maybe?



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