Feelin' Crafty

Honey Do

Like many of my fellow crafters I struggle with time and a big To Do List that never seems to get any smaller. (In fact I think my T.D.L. gets it on like bunnies when I am not looking.)  Once you get beyond the hobby stage you need to look at ways to promote your items so that you can sell them and then make more items. You could spend hours linking your stuff in to different style feeds, on to flickr, in forums and on and on and on.  But what does that do for your time to create? For me it slips to nothing and I don’t have gnomes picking up the slack while I sleep.

Make Art

I have many “shops” online that I no longer touch, they just weren’t the right market for me. I keep them open just on the off chance that I might want to restart them. I know the adage “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, but I also think that by spreding yourself too thin you can also do yourself a big diservice.  Maybe we should start with one and do it well, then branch out. I came to this realization after I set up a facebook business page, but maybe it will be the one I can keep up on. Keep your fingers crossed.


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