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I got an email last night from my friend Ann telling me that my notebooks were mentioned in the Ann Arbor News in an article about what to buy people who are hard to shop for. They don’t mention me by name, but they mention that the notebooks are at Liberty Street Video. It is also on the A2 News blog.

In other news I am still working on getting over the Plague. Every year, no matter what I do to avoid it, I get sick for about  a month. It is enough to drive a girl batty. On the plus side I have stayed home and been super crafty which I think is why I have had such an amazing month on Etsy.  Actually, November was great for me too. It makes up for not making it to the Artisan Market the last few weeks.

The next 2 weeks will be spent organzing my work area, reading, watching movies and hanging out with Moose.  And the occassional visit to see the family. I hope everyone has a merry christams and a happy holiday season.


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