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Almost there

7 weeks left at the Artisan Market.  I can’t believe the season is almost over. But I am still making stuff like crazy. Last night I made 35 notebooks and matted some photos while listening to the election coverage on NPR. It gave me something to do instead of pace nervously. 🙂  Tomorrow I have to make coasters, mat some more photos and make some cards. I am doing a show on Friday & Saturday. It is a first time show so I have no idea how much stuff to bring.  I usually bring too much, but I have other areas to sell it. Things have been selling fairly steadily at the video store. I think things will start picking up there once people realize I it is there. An added bonus is that it got in with enough time for people to start thinking about Christmas gifts.

Everything will be ok

I am looking forward to the 3 months that Market isn’t in session so that I have an extra day to work on trying new things. I have lots of ideas floating in my head, but I lack the time to actually get them done. I will miss the extra money Market brings in though. Have to work on finding a balance.