Feelin' Crafty


Phew. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. The Micesty Etsy show rocked. I heard such great feedback from customers and regular Artisan Market vendors. It was so much fun to meet everyone (or see them again if they participated last year).  I couldn’t have asked for better weather.

This past Sunday was crazy busy for me. I sold over 25 notebooks, plus a bunch of other stuff. For 2 1/2 hours I had a constant stream of people around my booth.  I was exhausted. I barely had time to eat an of the Chex Mix or Torte di Zucca (fancy pumpkin pie) I made . Not that I am complaining. 🙂 It was my best Market day ever.  It was so nice to see such a steady stream of people walking down the aisle.  We couldn’t even figure out why. Normally when it is busy we can say “oh, the Dali Lama is in town” or “It is parents weekend”, but I wasn’t aware of anything other than a home football game. But it was a small noon game and we didn’t win. Usually that keeps people away.

Friday is the Ann Art Walk and we are setting up a special Market on Friday night from 5-10. It is the first time we have participated, so I hope it goes well. We have over 50 artists participating, which will be great.  Now I just need to go buy more paper to replenish my notebooks.

One response

  1. TiLT

    It may have been because of the beautiful weather…or just the beautiful people selling their beautiful wares ;P
    Have a good time Friday night!


    October 13, 2008 at 10:59 am

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