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M.I.C.E. @ the Market


Less than 2 weeks until the 2nd Annual Etsy @ the Market show. Over the next few days I will be posting some of the people who will be attending the show. I am really excited about the show and think it should be a great time.



I have been on a bulk ordering spree the last few months. 1000 coasters, 400 coils for notebooks, matting materials and lots and lots of paper. On the UPS truck right now winding it’s way to my door is 500 pocket mirror parts.  I am excited, but I am not quite sure where I am going to put everything. I either need a studio or a 2 bedroom apt.

Here are a couple new mirrors using the last of my first order of mirror parts…

Stained Glass

Ghost Fingers


Popular Science Personal Ads

So, now I have to figure out what I want to put on the new ones. That is the most exciting part for me… the anticipation of what to create.

Secret Door

Secret Door

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I have my camera back!!! Sometimes the USPS absolutely rocks! C mailed my camera from Lansing on Tuesday and it was in my p.o. box yesterday morning. I was very happy with some of the photos I took on Monday. It has been so long since I gone out with the sole purpose of taking photos. I can’t wait so long next time.

Tuesday night I cut about 50 notebook covers! I even managed to make some coasters and take a nap. Napping is essential for my crafting ability.

Tonight I have to run to the store to pick up paper to finish off the notebooks. I am also going to pick up some prints and I need to mat some some pictures. Lots to do, but I am not pushing myself too hard tonight.


Gnome Coasters

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After several months of saying I was going to post some of my coasters I have finally accomplished the goal. I just have 5 up right now, but have about 20 other photo coasters ready to take photos of. The bad news is that my camera is at a friend’s house and I have to wait for her to ship it to me. Damn my forgetfulness.

On happier news the Artisan Market rocked this week! It was my best ever by a lot. I sold about 15 notebooks and 11 photos. Plus bowls, cards and magnets. Oh, and a couple sets of coasters. This was my first day using 3 tables for my display. I probably could use another one. But my poor Saturn Ion couldn’t handle any more stuff, unless I can strap it to the roof.

Next week is Kerrytown Bookfest. I am really excited to be doing this show again. This year I upgrade to 2 spaces. I think it will be worth it. I couldn’t fit much on 1 table. (I will take some pictures of my normal Market set up soon to show you just what I mean. ) This week I have to get my butt in gear and make notebooks. I mean it this week! So, tonight will be selecting and cutting the covers. Thursday will be counting pages. Friday will be punching and binding. Of course this schedule will probably undergo some revisions, but it shouldn’t be to radically different.