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I haven’t been taking many photos lately since my trusty Pentax needs a little TLC and the Time really isn’t on my side these days. But yesterday I took my little digital camera out at lunch. I miss taking long photo jaunts. I am going to have to make time to get out and wander. It make me happy and I need some smiles these days.


I have been lucky enough to be on the front page of Etsy quite a few times in the 945 days I have been a member. Sometimes I get lots of views and hearts, sometimes not so much. And every once in awhile I sell something that was on the front page. Today I didn’t get any sales, but I got over 300 views, 11 shop hearts and 20 item hearts (and hearts on other items on the same page). I was really shocked.
Front page 8/18

Thanks to Jean-Marie of DaisycakesSoap for getting a screenshot for me.

Here is a bigger version of the photo.

Purple & Green Kaleidoscope


I am not sure why I have had a “blog block” lately. I keep thinking that I need to update, but then life intrudes. So, what is new in Chicalooland? I have been very busy crafting and continuing Operation Organization. Both with varying degrees of success.

One big success is I finally started listing mirrors on Etsy. (okay, as of press time I just have one listed, but more will come… honest!).

Pirate Robot Pocket Mirror

Gnome Pirate Mirror

I am pretty excited about them. In fact I am getting ready to order enough parts to make 1000. Same with coasters. That is a bit scary!

The Saline Summerfest was fun until we got rained out. I got to see Michelle and chat with her a bit. Unfortunately we weren’t next to each other… next year we need to put that on the application. I sold quite a few notebooks and mirrors. And some of everything else. It was a good feeling. Well, until I had to put a wet tent in my car. That was not so fun.

I managed to get rid of the jewelry stuff and I have piles of albums that I won’t use that are going to go to Salvation Army. I found my kitchen table, my work table and my couch. So, all in all pretty productive. I even got out my paint and am trying to expand my horizons artistically speaking. Now, if I could just find another 24 hours to add to my week.