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I’m certifiable

So, my button maker got here yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL. I went a little nuts and made 28 mirrors and 17 coaster sets. I would have made more, but I was tired and new I had to work a double shift today. I want to go paper shopping. I am really lucky because we have an amazing paper shop in town. Hollanders is like crack. I can’t let myself go in often because I come out with tons of paper and I don’t even need, just because they are pretty. Now I have an excuse to go shopping!

I hope to have some photos of the coasters and mirrors tomorrow.


The Countdown Begins

It has been a long time since I had posted anything, but I had so little free time, that I felt that what little time I had was better suited to actually being crafty.  I have cut back a shift at the video store, so while I don’t have a full day off anymore, at least I have a few evenings free.

I am super super super (maybe I should say “super” one more time)  my button maker is on the ups truck being delivered as I type. Of course I can’t get until after work which is killing me, but I think I might be able to make it. I hope to have coasters and pocket mirrors ready for this Sunday’s Market.

I had a frightening realization last night that the Ann Arbor Art Fair is a month a way! I have so much to get ready, I just hope I have the time. I tend to make more than I need, but I would rather have too much than not enough.  Here are my goals of things to get done by July 14th (I will need the 15th to be a day of rest before the 4 days of insanity begins.)

  • 100 album notebooks
  • 75-100 vhs cover notebooks
  • 50 mirrors
  • 50 coaster sets (4 coasters per set)
  • 100 4×6 photos matted
  • 100 5×7 photos matted
  • 30 8×10 photos matted

Can I do it? I hope so.  I will keep you updated