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Graffiti Themed Front Page

I love graffiti! It is one of my favorite subjects to shoot. I especially love looking at other photographer’s graffiti photos as well. Today I got to be part of a graffiti themed front page.

front page 4/30

It is hard to pick, but my favorites on this list are Spray Paint Cans and More Light.


Springtime in Michigan

I love springtime in the mitten state. I just wish it lasted a little bit longer. These days it seems like it lasts a week and then it Summer time.  It is already close to being 80 degrees here. I am a delicate flower and I can’t stand it being too hot.  Here are some other delicate flowers.


I have been so lazy about blogging these days. I am working so much that I haven’t had the energy to write, or worse nothing to write about.

Market has been good. Lots of great responses to my notebooks. I spend a lot of time agonizing over which ones to bind, so it is nice to know that people appreciate them. A little boy picked out a Sesame Street notebook this past Sunday. His mom turned it in to a math problem. It was very very cute. A guy pushing his daughter in a stroller said “Finally, something cool.” That is one of the bonuses for me… that I have guy friendly items. So much of craft is designed for the ladies. If you can I say branch out, you may get more sales.

I am taking a half day today. One of my sisters is coming for a walking tour of the university where I work. (I am 17 years older than she is…. and she is now a junior! Where are the years going?) So, I am going to go have lunch with her and my dad. Then I am going to go home and be crafty. And maybe I will clean a bit, but mostly I will just be crafty.


I have gone a little overboard on making record bowls and they are taking over my apartment.  In order to save myself from a vinyl avalanche from now until 4/22/08 I am having a buy one get one half off on my record bowls. Just wait for a revised invoice before paying. Any questions please feel free to ask.

Freezing our butts off

The fact that it was 42 degrees, windy and snowing didn’t keep some of us from being at Market this past Sunday. There were 16 artists who braved the elements. We may not have sold a lot, but we got a chance to socialize and check out each others art work, which during the busy season we don’t always get a chance to do. Here are a few of the pics I took.

Spring is here!

Good morning! The temps are finally hitting the 60s here in the Mitten State.  Makes me a happy girl after such a long brutal winter.

Sunday was opening day at the Sunday Artisan Market. I don’t have the exact numbers, but the artist turn out was great. Lots of returning vendors and a bunch of new ones as well. I was so happy just to be back outside with friends that I really didn’t have a sales goal in mind. I was blown away by how well I did… especially considering how slow it was to start last year.  I have a better set up this year than last, no major changes, just tweaked it a little. The new album cover notebooks were a huge hit. So, I have to get to making, so I can have a good variety.

I just need an extra day in the week to get everything done. Anyone got one to spare?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Themed Front Page

Thanks to 3Fun for including me in her treasury which was featured on the front page! Yay!