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Step by step

Each application for Market has to include pictures of works in progress or your work space.  Here is what I chose to submit.



So, how did my 4 day “I’m going to get my house in order” experiment go? More or less like I had hoped. I was able to get quiet a bit done and still find time to nap. Or should I say nap and get a fair amount done? At least I feel like I could have visitors and not be embarrassed to let them in the apartment.

I took 3 bags of recycling and 2 bags of trash to the curb. And I have 1 large box ready to donate to GoodWill or Salvation Army.  I love purging my apartment of “stuff”. But then I found an old changing table by the dumpster and thought it would make a great shipping station. So, now I have to rearrange some furniture to fit that into my life.

On another scary note, Market starts in a week! Where has the time gone? I was supposed to be ultra creative the last 3 months, so I could coast in to the season without worrying! The next few nights will be spent sorting through prints to mat and album covers to make notebooks.

Last night I made a bunch of record bowls from albums my friend Jamie gave me. (He owns a really cool used and new mystery book shop called Aunt Agatha’s in town.) He gave me a large stack on Saturday and says he will have more for me in the coming weeks. After looking at the stack I told him if I had any kids I would have given them to him as a thanks.

2 days

So, I was sort of hoping it would be Spring here in the Mitten state by now, but Old Man Winter is holding on for dear life.  Be that as it may I am determined to do my Spring Cleaning this week. I am taking Thursday and Friday off to clean and organize the craft explosion that is my house. The Artisan Market starts up in a little over a week and I need to have the domestic area of my life under control, at least for a moment. If I get it all done I can then start being crafty. I think I will be sooooo much more productive when I can actually find what I need. Amazing concept isn’t it?


So, I finally got my binding machine. After some practice I realized that it doesn’t like punch holes in anything less than a full size sheet of paper. Which is actually okay because I have hundreds of album covers waiting to be made in to notebooks. With my carpal tunnel I can only do a few at a time, but that is actually fine by me. I have so many crafts that I work on that I can’t give one of them all my affection.

Here are some samples of the new notebooks.

I use blank 100% content paper for each of these. The only thing not recycled/recyclable is the coil, and I am sure someone could come up with some sort of use for it.


Each month I set an Etsy goal for myself. Sometimes I meet it, sometimes I don’t, but I find they are helpful in keeping me motivated. Usually they are fairly small goals like “I want to sell more than I did last year at this time”. In the back of my head though I have this “I want to average an item a day” goal. I came achingly close a couple times, but it always just out of reach.  Until now. Last night I reached 31 items for March with a week left to go! And I am just 1 item away from a larger goal of 300 items sold.

Having been a member of Etsy since Jan. 2006 I have a large time frame to look over to see the growth.  Compare my sales for the first three months of the last 3 years
2006                    2007                  2008

Jan                3                            5                         24

Feb               3                             8                         12

Mar              3                             5                          31*

* Not final total

I started using SaleAlert  a couple months ago to let me know when I sell something or I am lucky enough to be on the front page.  They just send a text message to my phone.  I have found it helpful to see what time sales happen. (Like 4:45 a.m. That was one time I wasn’t sad to be woken up.) Now I am not tied to my computer Hitting the refresh button waiting for magic to happen.  I can actually work on being creative.

Photo Opportunities

Many of the things I take photos of are temporary in nature. Because of this I have learned to always have a camera with me because I may not be able to get the shot again. Once long before I was taking photos for anything more than personal use someone created a beautiful graffiti mural of a geshia, that was about 4 ft tall. I went back a couple days later only to discover that the landlord had covered it with awful gray paint. Since then if I see something I take the picture then and there.

Last night I was leaving work and in our loading dock were some chairs that someone was getting rid of and I thought they made a great image. I took several photos and was very happy with them. We got about six inches of snow between the time I left and the time I got back to work this morning. I thought I would take some more pictures with the snow on the chairs  because I thought the color combination would be striking. To my dismay they were gone. I am glad I learned the lesson of taking advantage of the situation and was able to get the first set of images.

Here are 2 of the images.


Well, I made the leap and just ordered a binding machine.  It isn’t the fanciest, but it isn’t the cheapest either. My stomach is doing some flip flops right now. I am very very excited to start binding my own notebooks. I have hundreds of covers at home waiting to be put to use. My next investment is the button machine so I can make coasters and mirrors. I am picking up some extra shifts at the video store to pay for it.

I spent part of the weekend organizing  all of my paper stuff that I use for notebooks and collage. I  am not quite finished, but I feel like things are off to a good start.  I need to get things in order because once Market starts I won’t have much free time.