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Jesus Hates Your Mohawk

 Of all the things about you He hates, he hates your mohawk most.


Snow day

I was unable to go to Market yesterday due to the insane amount of snow that fell in the area early Sunday morning. So, I spent the day cleaning, baking cookies (Oatmeal, chocolate chip, toffee chip, coconut & pecan cookies) and catching up on sleep. It was nice, but I really wanted to go to Market. I only have one week left in the season, so I hope I am able to go next Sunday.

A couple of positive things happened to make up for being stuck at home. I got a call from the Art Center wanting more bowls. It looks like they have sold 18 since I brought them in before Thanksgiving.  Also, I passed my etsy goal for the year. I had been hoping to get to 225, and I hit 226 on Saturday. Also I got a spot on the front page yesterday.  Which was really cool.

Just listed

The sun finally came out yesterday and I was able to go and retake some graffiti photos. The first batch came out too dark. These days it seems like the sun is gone by about, oh I don’t know, noon. I was really happy how this bunch turned out. These are listed in my shop and I have a whole bunch on flickr.

Just added….

Just added some more of my recycled vhs notebooks to my shop. There are quite a few titles I am pretty excited about.


I survived the Etsy show this weekend, but didn’t go to the Artisan Market. I was so tired and I still have the Plague.  There are 2 weeks left at Market and I plan on being there. In part because I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping. Luckily I have pared down the amount I am buying this year.

Upcoming Show

Come see me at the Holiday Craft Extravaganza in Royal Oak.

Here is a list of the artist who will be present…

Oh My Cavalier
Lunasa Designs
Lokness Press
Jan Zio
Christine Carol
Carol Lee
Vault 17
Doll Disaster Designs
Plush by Joey
Polka Dot Thunder
Chicaloo Photography & more
Talking Squid
Part Pencil
Chain Chain Chained
Blossom Arts
Hands and Notions
Kare Package
CLK Creative
Mama Staub
Loopity Loop Glam
Dang Argyle
Fire Chick Tick
City Bird
Eve Star Fire
Simply V Designs
Top Knots
Kill Taupe
Royal Oaker
Also, barring a blizzard, I will be at the Ann Arbor Artisan Market on Sunday. Freezing my hiney off. Only 3 weeks left at the market. Come by and say hi.

Tweed Envy

I take a lot of graffiti photos, most of which are pretty self explanatory,  but  occasionally I find one that just makes me pause and say “huh?”. This is one of those moments.  I mean, why tweed? Why a jacket? Was it just one of those “I overheard a strange comment and to commemorate it” moments? I have those, but I am never carrying spray paint with me when they happen.  Darn the luck.

Forgot a title… and am too tired to come up w/a clever one

Couple exciting things happening around here. I got a call from the Art Center looking for more of my bowls. They took 15. I will be excited to see how the numbers play out after Christmas. They took some of my best titles, which means I have to go lp hunting on Thursday.

The other exciting moment was that I talked to a reporter at the local paper about social networks like Flickr, Facebook and Etsy. I will be one of 3 people featured, and we all use them for things other than just chatting. It will include a sidebar photo and info about me. Today a photographer is coming to take my photo. It sounds like it will be a decent length feature. I am pretty excited about it.