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I finally passed the 200 mark on etsy! Thanks to Relishdress for helping me get past that hurdle.  She must be my good luck charm because I sold 5 more items after she made her purchase.

I still have the Plague which means I just want to go home and sleep, but I have a lot to do since I am bringing my art in to work tomorrow for people to look over. Plus I have to replenish for the artisan market and the etsy craft extravaganza the following weekend. Just typing it out made me want to sleep even more.



Kiss Don’t Kill

I got an early Christmas present of a digital camera. It isn’t the Digital SLR like I wanted, but it will do until I can save up the cash for a semi fancy one. Here is one of my first images  taken with the new camera…

Just something simple and to the point.

In other exciting news I now have some of my items in the Ann Arbor Art Center. I am so incredibly geeked about the whole thing.   I never would have taken my stuff in to have them look at it, but one of my customers at the video store works at the AAAC saw me at the Artisan Market a couple weeks ago and asked me to bring some items by for consignment. They took some notebooks, cards, magnets and record bowls. I did a happy dance as I walked out the door.

Baby it’s cold outside

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I have been busy crafting away getting ready for the Etsy Show in Royal Oak on Dec 8th.

I am also still doing the Sunday Artisan Market even though it is really really cold out these days. The first 3 photos were taken by Judy aka Beadbug

Me peeking out from behind my display

Me, Christine, Judy, Ann and Liz 

The Market

Here is my display..

Magnets a go-go

I got my order of magnets in and I am really excited. I had forgotten the ones I had ordered, so it was like Christmas. You may ask, you ordered a week ago, how can you forget which ones you chose? It is easy. My brain is not retaining much of anything the last few weeks.
Here are a few of the ones I picked… more coming later. I have 11 in total to add to my etsy shop.



From Saturday

Saturday I lucked out and got on the front page twice.  They were both in the space of a half an hour. They were doing new front pages every 5-20 minutes. It was amazing. Glad I got the screen shots or I would have imagined it.

(I will put the images up again later today… just realized they were not sized properly.)


I was having a hard time waking up this morning even with my Diet Coke and Bagel & Cream Cheese, but then I saw one of my photos on the front page of Etsy.

Saturday I was on the front page twice in about 30 minutes. The admins were doing the lightening round front page. I get a little giddy (okay a lot) when I make the front page. Sort of the “You like me you really like me” feeling.

Other great news my new magnets should be here Wed. so I will begin listing them on Thursday. I am really excited.

Here is another photo from my trip to Crown Hill.


Sunday market was pretty cold and slow. My slowest day in months.  They had predicted lots of rain so that might have kept people away. The good news is that the market potluck is growing bigger each week. It started with a crockpot of chili and the next week became 2 crockpots. Now we are up to 5 and lots of desserts and the like. So, we may be cold and not selling much, but we can eat until we are full.

I really have to get to making stuff for the Winter Etsy show in Royal Oak (More info on that later) and my  Open House. I just am not sure when I will find the time. AAArg! Jewelry is something I sell a lot of at Christmas and I haven’t really added much new in months, so I am going to have to focus on that. Better news is that I have 12 new styles of photo magnets on their way to me!!