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Once in awhile I take a photo that I love, but I am unsure of how others will see it. Earlier this spring I took one such photo in a cemetery. After spending some time trying to decide if I would post it or not, I went ahead. Since then it has gone on to be one of my best selling photos. And those who buy it often include a personal note about what the photo means to them. Their notes touch me and make me a bit teary.


Oh Waitress!

This photo was taken in Flint, Michigan earlier this summer. I want to go back when it is a brighter day. Though I do like the kind of hazy look. I just love her shoes.

I took a half day yesterday and went out and took some photos. It was good to be taking photos again. I haven’t done as much as I would like lately. But next Monday I will be going to Detroit with my friend Minerva and her husband to take photos and eat yummy Greek and Middle Eastern Food. I am really looking forward to it.

Hi remember me?

Okay it has been ages since I wrote anything. I have been busy being crafty and getting ready for the big show on Sunday. Just mildly freaking out about the show. I think I can make it though.

I am on the front page today.  With my Scary Leo photo….

Here is one of my recent photos that I just added to Etsy. I really like the feel of it.

101 Things

This is a post from my old blog, updated for your reading enjoyment. No need to read them all…. really. You can just skim.

1. Birth name Kathleen Marie2. My mom wanted to name me Margaret so she could call me Maggie.3. My dad said no, so she came up with Katie. He said I needed a real name. (love my dad)4. Family tends to call me Katie, friends Kate, creditors Kathleen5. No one calls me Kathy more than once.

  • 6. Except my 6th grade science teacher Mr. Bogren… he refused to call me anything else since that was what he wrote down in his book.
  • 7. I was happy to turn 30.

  • 8. 31 was even better.
  • 9. Have one tattoo and another one planned.

  • 10. Only piercings are my ears, 2 holes each.
  • 11. Have never smoked.

  • 12. If the book is good I will sit and read until I am about to pee my pants.
  •  13. Have gotten rid of over a 2000 of books over the last 5 years.
  • 14. They now all fit on my bookcases.
  •  15. Not a big fan of seafood. Except beer battered fish-n-chips
  • 16. I have been trying it more often lately.
  • 17. Daydream a lot
  • 18. Love word games.
  • 19. Love words in general.
  • 20. Love hearing people talk.
  • 21. Love discovering people’s quirks.
  • 22. Only own 2 pair of jeans
  • 23. Before I bought them I hadn’t owned jeans in 4 years.
  • 24. Usually work more than one job at a time.
  • 25. Can be really really lazy.
  • 26. Cry at movies
  • 27. commericals
  • 28. books
  • 29. obituaries of strangers
  • 30. stories on NPR
  • 31. things that aren’t even sad.
  • 32. Can talk to almost anyone anywhere at anytime.
  • 33. Often have strangers start telling me their life stories without asking.
  • 34. Not easy with physical affection
  • 35.  Love big budget movies like Independence Day and Day After Tomorrow.
  • 36. Not traumatized by my parent’s divorce.
  • 37. Not close to 90% of my aunts, uncles or cousins.
  • 38. Many of them could probably be guests on Jerry Springer.
  • 39. Love love love music of almost all types.
  • 40. Listen to music the whole time I am at work.
  • 41. Love trivia
  • 42. cheese
  • 43. (especially the melted kind)
  • 44. bread
  • 45. storms
  • 46. dinner with friends.
  • 47. Don’t like rude people
  • 48. liars
  • 49. feeling rushed
  • 50. squeaky shoes.
  • 51. I have to be early for everything.
  • 52. Have had many personal ads online.
  • 53. Met the last 3 men I dated, I met on line.
  • 54. They weren’t homicidal maniacs.
  • 55. If I get married it is going to be in Vegas.
  • 56. Don’t want a diamond.
  • 57. Or the big white dress.
  • 58. Thinks a costume wedding would be fun.
  • 59. Have to fight a tendency to collect too many things;
  • 60. Purses
  • 61. Books
  • 62. Movies
  • 63. Craft materials
  • 64. Useless information
  • 65. Lists.
  • 66. Have a camera with me 90% of the time.
  • 67. Find it easy to become obsessed with things.
  • 68. Will replay situations where I wish I had done something different over and over in my head.
  • 69.
  • 70. Don’t like gore in movies.
  • 71. Will walk away from the tv if a movie is too suspensful.
  • 72. Love watching forensic and surgery shows on tv.
  • 73. Still no cable… and happy about it. It has been about 7 years.
  • 74. Love laughing
  • 75. and hearing people laugh
  • 76. Like to be surrounded by color and texture.
  • 77. Don’t understand people spending $1200 on a purse.
  • 78. Wish people were nicer to one another.
  • 79. Wish we weren’t all in such a big hurry to get places.
  • 80. I get sad when I read about people who have died and no one realizes it for days and weeks.
  • 81. That happened to one of my neighbors.
  • 82. An old classmate asked if I was still a “nature girl”. Made me laugh.
  • 83. Love office supplies.
  • 84. Don’t like bugs.
  • 85. Love clean sheets
  • 86. But am lazy and don’t change them as often as I would like.
  • 87. Love sleeping in on Sunday mornings.
  • 88. Waking up without the alarm is one of the best things ever.
  • 89. Waking up and realizing you are late one of the worst.
  • 90. Love peanut butter toast.
  • 91. My favorite flavor of ice cream at the moment is Mint Chocolate Chip.
  • 92. Prailine Pecan comes in a close second.
  • 93. Miss seeing butterflies during the summer.
  • 94. Horrible with names
  • 95. and birthdays.
  • 96. Love buying gifts for other people.
  • 97. Talk too much.
  • 98. Trying to break myself of the habit of talking over others.
  • 99. Art makes me happy.
  • 100. Have my own creepy club.
  • 101.  Love to bake, not cooking though.

  • My poster

    I love the Etsy poster tool. Even more so since I have been able to photo shop off the price and edit info. I am thinking of using them as promo tools. Here is my first one.

    Aren’t I cute?

    I was cleaning up some files on my computer and I ran across a drawing IslandArtist did of me when we were both on another blog site.  It was really pretty accurate. What do you think?


    On a crafty note I found a few books at the Recycle Reuse Center that will be fun for making cards.  They were actually books they were going to recycle and not try and sell, so I am feel pretty good that I can give them another life. I will scan some in the next couple days so you can see what I am working on these days.

    On an “I accomplished a lot” note… I got all my items done for the Sampler. I need to fill out the paperwork and I can send them off. (Big sigh of relief here.)

    Bookfest recap

    After a rough start to the morning, Bookfest turned out to be a great experience.  I talked to lots and lots of people. I also made a number of sales. It was nice to be able to see how different crowds react to what I make. Okay, it’s nice when a different crowd reacts positively to what I make.  The notebooks really went over well. Also, I actually sold some photos. It is strange that what I love to do is photography and it is what I sell the least of week to week.  Lots of magnets sold. The most popular being Kitty’s Chop Suey.

    As with all shows I spent the week making new items. This time it was Recycled Stuff cards.  They actually sold really well. Normally when I make last minute stuff it doesn’t sell and the stuff I have about given up on that flies off the shelf. I guess it is one of the big mysteries of life.