Feelin' Crafty


Yesterday I wrote about the word “interesting” an how it was like nails on a blackboard for me. The other thing that I get a lot of is “What do you do with it?” One of the things I sell a lot of at show is melted record bowls. They get a lot of attention and I search really hard for fun records I think people will like or really great labels that grab your eye. Sometimes the crowd gets the bowls, other times it eludes them. I even have examples on my table of uses as a candy dish or gift basket. I even tell people they can hang them on the walls. By the end of the show I am telling people they can wear them as hats if they like. I really just want to say that the purpose of the bowl is just to be a fun conversation piece. All the bowl wants is for you to smile when you see it. It is that simple. Maybe people just think it needs to be complicated.

I am also tired of people asking how they are made. I discussed this with my mom last night and we came up with some fun responses. Here are a few of the best…

“It is an old family recipe that died with my grandma.”

“Some people get the ability to fly, I can melt vinyl with my mind.”

“Ancient Chinese secret”

“Can’t remember, I outsourced it awhile ago.”

“The elves come in after I have gone to bed and do my work for me.”

“Sorry, I am a little foggy from the fumes. Ask again later.”

Any others I can add to the list would be appreciated.

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