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Crossing things off the list

I managed to get some work done last night, even though I took a nap that lasted longer than I had anticipated. It wasn’t even a good nap, so I am kicking myself now. I mounted my photos on to their mats, so tomorrow I just have to attach them on to the cardstock. I try and do things in stages, almost like I am a mini factory. I got them all scanned so I could list a few today on Etsy, but alas, my tech skills failed me and I did not get them save to a disc. They are safely on my laptop, but I don’t have them at work to upload. I will do a few later I guess.

I even got more paper cut up for my notebooks. I went to a scrapbook store on the spur of the moment last night and walked away with a display rack that will be perfect for my notebooks… best part, it was only $2!!!! I almost spent $30 plus shipping on one last week, but decided to wait.

More later…



To do list

This is for tonight and Saturday.

  • Make new cards using kaleidoscope images
  • Work on new bookmarks
  • Go take some photos
  • Start working on items for items for a Sampler contribution.
  • Cut paper for notebooks
  • Organize craft area (Though to be honest this one could take a month or so.)
  • Work on flyers for Etsy @ the Market Show
  • Mat photos

Aack! I need a lackey. Someone to keep me supplied in diet coke and can do the laundry for me as well. I could pay in product.

Addicted to kaleidosopes

Feeling Crafty



I was all excited to show you some new kaleidoscope designs that I worked on last nigh, but alas I am was not technically savy enough to get the file saved properly. Luckily the designs are still on my lap top. (Big sigh of relief) I am looking forward to making some cards with these new designs. I hope to have them ready for the market this weekend.
In other news… I have sent more vhs covers to the printers to be laminated so I can make some more Ultimate Recycled Notebooks. They have probably about 90-95% recycled paper… some of them have new paper that is already 100% recycled content.  I should have a few listed on etsy in the next few days. I just need to get some photos taken. It was really interesting to see people trying to figure out what to do with them when I had them out this last weekend. I had people ask just what they were for. Some people got them which was nice.  I want to have a bunch ready for the Kerrytown Bookfest on the 9th of this month. It is taking place of the Market that weekend. I am pretty excited about this, I have a feeling that it will be much better than the Jackson Show.


Drenched and depressed

Okay, so the the show on Saturday was a complete and utter bomb. So much so that I took everything home and didn’t go back the next day. Friday night right before I was going to set up my tent the skies opened and it rained for several hours. I finally got the tent up, but none of my actual display. Not a problem, I was able to do that in the morning.  I was a little worried when one of the organizers saying that a lot of artists had signed up in the last week. Not a good sign for an established craft show.

Saturday it rained pretty steadily until 2:30-3. I only had 10-15 people look at my stuff all day. I sold a magnet. One. That was it. $4. Not even enough to pay for the gas to get down there.  The icing was that I forgot my chair at home and had to wait a friend who could bring one to me. I went to tell one of the organizers that I wasn’t going to be returning for the second day. She tried to say it was going to be nice and I would probably do well.  I just couldn’t do it. I ended up going to the Artisan Market in Ann Arbor and ended up having one of my better weeks.

What, besides the rain, went wrong in Jackson? It was the wrong market for my stuff. A lot of the crafts that were there, were one step away from manufactured goods. A lot of it looked pretty poorly made. Of course it was selling, which is always a little frustrating. Also my tent was away from others since the person on one side didn’t show up, and there was no one else on the other side of me.

My friends were impressed I was able to stick it out for the day. In a way I am too, but of course I live in hope.  Hopefully the next one will be better. It has to be.

Rainy Days

I am scheduled to do a 2 day craft show this weekend, but the rain has me a little worried. I have to set up the tent tonight. I think I will get the tables and walls set up, but I think I will wait until Saturday to actually unpacking my photos and cards, just in case the tent blows away or collapses under the weight of the water. At least Sunday looks like it might be nice. I hope I can get some sleep tonight. I always get a little anxious before each show. I am falling asleep while writing this. (Thank goodness for spell check.)



New Stuff

I recently loaded PaintShop Pro on my computer and was playing around with some of the special features. I fell in love with the  kaleidoscope mode. I am thinking some of them would be fun on magnets and postcards. I would love to know what you think.

Here are some samples.





 I am still playing and should have a few more tomorrow.