Feelin' Crafty

The Good and the Ugly

Yesterdays market was one of the best yet. This week’s item was the melted record bowl. I sold 9 of them. One photo and a couple cards. There were a lot of people out shopping which was lovely. I was a bit worried since the 4th falls on a Wednesday. I wasn’t sure if people were going out of town or not. I had one boy, he was probably around 10 years old, who was very serious and very cute. He saw a framed photo, but I think it was too expensive for mom to buy for him. He looked through every matted photo twice, very deliberately. I told him he could order online if he wanted to. He thanked me for my card and held on to it as he walked away. I love that he took his time that way. I was also asked to apply for a spot in the Saline Summerfest show. I got a “get out of jail free card” so I don’t have to submit photos to be juried. Now I just have to decide if I want to spend the money and buy a tent.

The only downside to the day is I looked up to see this man standing in front of my framed photos. I noticed he had his phone out in front of him. I said “excuse me” and he ignored me. I then asked if he was taking a photo of my photo. He replied yes he was and was that ok. I told him no and he just stood there for a second and walked on. Okay, My photos are not that expensive, he could have bought a small one and had a nice photo instead of a crappy cell phone version. This is the first time this has happened to me. Urrgh. At least the rest of the day was good.


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