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The living and the dead

So, an embarrassing moment came a few years ago when someone on Flickr told me that I should take pictures for a living. I was flattered of course, then I realized that he was asking why I didn’t take pictures of the living. Once I recovered from the embarrassment I put some thought in to just why I preferred the dead over the living picture wise.

Here is my list

  • The dead are not self conscious when you point a camera in their direction.
  • The dead stay put… and if they aren’t I don’t want to be around them.
  • The dead don’t mind how many pictures I take of them… they are very patient.
  • I am fascinated by how we honor the dead. The stones and the things we leave behind.
  • I find cemeteries to be peaceful. It is a good place to meditate.

Friends sometimes laugh at me for all the cemetery photos I have. But they seem to be some of the photos that people connect with. I plan on adding more to my collection shortly.



2 responses

  1. You know it’s kind of funny I happened across your blog. I love photography, but I have never taken any pics in a cemetary- just yesterday or maybe the day before when we were in GA, we rode by a very old cemetary with some ancient, unique stones. I always have my camera and I thought, I’d love to go through there and take some pics! Of course since we were in GA for my MIL’s open heart surgery, I didn’t think it would be tactful to ask hubby to pull into the cemetary.
    I understand the attraction, in an odd way ;p

    June 27, 2007 at 12:16 pm

  2. I love photos from cemeteries. I used to take them myself – I found exquisite places in New South Wales (Australia) and in New Orleans. But mine weren’t as good as yours!

    June 27, 2007 at 12:48 pm

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